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ResearchJet Journal of Analysis and Inventions is an open-access peer-reviewed international multidisciplinary journal. The journal covers various disciplines of science. The journal follows the double-blind peer review process to ensure the quality of publications. The journal has a strict policy against plagiarism and does not allow the authors to copy the research from online sources.

ISSN: 2776-0960
Impact Factor: 8.56

The journal covers the following areas:

  • Multidisciplinary Natural Sciences: Explores the interplay of various disciplines in the natural sciences, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and geology, to understand natural phenomena and the latest developments in natural sciences.
  • Environmental Sustainability and Natural Sciences: Focuses on the interconnectedness of natural sciences with environmental issues, conservation, climate change, and sustainability efforts.
  • Technological Innovation in Natural Sciences: Examines how new technologies and innovations contribute to the advancement of natural sciences, such as the use of artificial intelligence in biological or chemical research.
  • Applied Natural Sciences: Examines the applications of natural sciences in industries, medicine, agriculture, and various other sectors, as well as their impact on society.
  • Geography and Natural Sciences: Integrates the discipline of geography with natural sciences to study geospatial phenomena, mapping, and environmental changes.
  • Evolutionary Biology and Genetics: Focuses on evolutionary biology and genetics, combining a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the evolution of life and the inheritance of traits.
  • Applied Physics and Modern Technology: Explores the application of physics in the development of modern technology, such as material physics, nanotechnology, and optoelectronics.
  • Environmental Chemistry and Health: Examines the impact of environmental chemistry on human health and the environment, as well as efforts to address chemical-related issues.
  • Resource Utilization in Natural Sciences: Discusses the management of natural resources, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and their implications for natural sciences.
  • Human Interaction and Natural Sciences: Explores human interaction with natural sciences, including research ethics, science communication, and public understanding of natural sciences.


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